We feature a large selection of domestic and exotic veneer species in plain sliced (flat cut), quarter cut, rift cut, and rotary cut, as well as man-made reconstituted (recon) real wood veneers in many patterns and colors. We welcome your inquiry by phone, email, or an on-site visit to the shop. We listen and consult with you on the many options available to help make your project a reality. We often, at the customer’s request, lay up samples of a chosen veneer onto a suitable platform so that it can be presented to a client or used to test various finishes.

Some services we offer include:

  • Blueprint matched panels
  • Sequenced matched panels
  • High volume panel orders
  • Custom dimension core lay-up
  • Pressing of High Pressure Laminate (HPL) onto various substrates
  • Wood veneer inlays, borders, and custom designs